Heart’s Companion offers two specific types of pet cremation services:

Private Cremation

A private pet cremation is the placement of a solitary pet within the crematory chamber. Your companion’s cremated remains are subsequently returned to you, the pet parent. Full or partial viewings of the private cremation are an option for pet parents with this service. Please inquire for details.

Private pet cremation services include your choice of urn.

Communal Cremation

With the communal cremation service, each pet is carefully placed in the cremation chamber with other companions. No cremated remains are returned to the pet owner. Our trusted staff respectfully scatters the cremated remains on private property in Northern California.

Chain of Custody

From the moment your pet enters our care and until they are returned, our certified cremation operators adhere to the strictest professional standards. Carried out in a gentle and respectful manner, Heart’s Companion uses a precise tracking system so you may be confident your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you, the respective pet parent.

All cremation services receive an authenticated certificate of cremation. 

Same Day Services Are Available.